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3 Great Reasons NOT to be Perfectly Staffed

If you breathe a sigh of relief when you’ve hired just enough techs to cover all of your clients, you’re not doing in right.

How do you stack up against Handy in 2014?

Popular VMS publishes 2014 Key Performance Indicators of success.

Why Are Wages Rising Slowly?

Maybe because businesses are getting bigger

Merry Maids Recognizes Outstanding Franchise Owners

Debby, Larry and Garret Weigel Receive Highest Honor: Founder's Award

How Big Can My Business Be? The Flatline Effect

Growing your client base to keep your flatline effect in check.

KPI: Employee Turnover Graph

Creating a Line Graph in Excel that Reflects Your Employee Turnover Rate

Navigating Changes in Your Business, Part 2 of 3

Actually changing policies and procedures and navigating the BIG CHANGE is like your first trip through a haunted house attraction: the first few scares make you want to quit but after that you settle in for the ride.

KPI: Employee Turnover Tracker

KPI: Employee Turnover Tracker

Measure employee turnover month-to-month and yearly with this helpful tracker.

Making Changes in Your Business:  Analyzing the Challenge

Making Changes in Your Business: Analyzing the Challenge

How I examined my staffing, bill rate and efficiency to find a realistic way to reduce costs and improve revenue (Part 1 of a 3-part series)

KPI: Client Acquisition Break Even

KPI: Client Acquisition Break Even

Calculating your break even point helps you make good investments on ad dollars.

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