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5 Times When a Penalty Fee is NOT the Best Choice

Consequences are a standard part of a service agreement, so use them to their fullest advantage – as education and incentives for customer loyalty.

7 Standards to Help BSCs Reduce Supply Costs

How building service contractors reduce supply costs for themselves and their clients.

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Provide Better Service

Using technology frees up time to focus on real customer relationships and employee engagement.

Identifying the Complainers In Your Cleaning Company

According to five different contract cleaners, the following are the six types of complainers most commonly encountered.

Do More Than the Minimum To Keep Clients Happy and Boost Sales

To become and remain competitive, you’ve got to know what your competition is likely offering – so you can do more and better.

What Would You Charge?

Southern Living Unveils 2015 Idea House in Charlottesville, VA; located at Bundoran Farm, the house features classic Southern design with a timeless aesthetic.

How Mobile Payment Apps Are Helping Cleaning Professionals Succeed

Don’t let clunky, old-school payment routines get in the way of growing your business easier and faster.

The One Simple Shift in Thinking that Saved My Business

My CEO “aha” moment: If you think like a cleaning tech, you’ll always be in the way of your own business growth.

3 Things You Must Do to Keep High-End Clients

3 Things You Must Do to Keep High-End Clients

Critical steps your company must take to get and hold onto your most valuable customers

Top 5 Employee Hiring, Training, and Tracking Tools

An investment in hiring strong employees, training and coaching them into skilled technicians and customer service agents, and continuously engaging them through the goals of your company is essential for business growth.

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