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The Anatomy of an Automatic Scrubber

Critical to enhancing the life span and minimizing down time when using an automatic scrubber is simply having a basic knowledge of the machine's operating system.

Get This Tool Out of Your Caddy, Fast!

Feather dusters may seem traditional and even romantic as a cleaning tool, but they can cost you a lot of money – in the time it takes to use and maintain them properly.

Addressing the Missing Component in American Schools: Cleaning

Creating clean and healthy learning environments for students and staff is a necessary first step to giving our children a world-class education.

Would You Try A High-Tech Toilet Brush?

Loogun is the modern alternative to the toilet brush.

10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Floor Scrubbing System

In the past few years, manufacturers have introduced entirely new types of floor cleaning and scrubbing systems...this means [cleaning] contractors have many more options and types of machines to choose from.

Don’t Pout About Dirty Grout, Part 2 of 2

Exploring “natural” grout cleaning methods

Small Problems that Become Big Issues

Find their pain and fix it. Rinse and Repeat.

Don’t Pout About Dirty Grout

Clean grout is well worth the effort for the value it adds to your clients’ perception of a clean home.

New Clean Standard for Commercial and Institutional Facilities

ISSA has published a new and updated standard for measuring "clean" that goes beyond "sight, smell, and touch."

Cleaning Business Today Acquires Two Brands

CBT to expand reach with prosumer website brands

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