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How to know if a cleaning company is good

The most trustworthy companies will have no problem talking about their strengths AND weaknesses.

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to find a “good” cleaning company. My guess is that by the time you even begin getting to the answer you’re exhausted.  Well, help has arrived.  First let me tell you that you’re not alone. The reason it’s exhausting is because there are so many varied factors that go into deciding what constitutes “good.” Get ready to get it all right here in this 1 location.

First things first – what is the definition of a good cleaning company? Is it the company that provides the best quality? I can hear you yelling out your YES! Well, what if they charge by the year instead of per visit – are they still the best? What if they only work on Saturdays? What if you have to be home while they clean? What if every time they clean you must remove everything from your home so that they can do that very precise cleaning? I’ll bet I’m making my point here. There are many things to consider other than just quality.

So, what’s the first thing you need to do BEFORE you start trying to figure out what a good house cleaning company or maid service is? The first thing is to figure out what is important to you. Sorry, I know that’s a pain, but trust me, the pay-off is worth it!

The chances are good that you have a lot of things that are important to you and maybe you even feel like you want them ALL. Chances are equally good that you don’t care about everything equally. My experience is that some people care more about quality than price. While other people clearly care more about price than quality. There is no right answer. There is only the answer that is right for you. 

Now you already know about some of the things that cleaning companies offer and do. But there is a pretty lengthy list of differentiators that you may not even know that you care about. Here’s my TOP 20 LIST. Let’s go through them quickly just so you know what’s what.

High Quality Cleaning

This could mean anything from cleaning the inside of your refrigerator every time to taking the clothes out of your closet to wipe the wall behind. Make sure you know what your definition is and make sure to convey it well. Give specifics to make sure you are talking apples to apples when talking about high quality cleaning.

Consistency of the Cleaning

How important is it to you that they company provides the same service or level of service every time? Do you like them to change it up, maybe do a bit of deep cleaning in one area and a lighter clean in others? Or do you prefer that they do the exact same thing each time? Look for companies that have excellent training programs, long-term employees, or can send the same people out each time.

Low Price

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save a buck, just remember that there is a price to pay for that low price. Make darn sure you are willing to pay it or you will be miserable and will definitely NOT feel like you have the best company cleaning for you. It could be anything from not being a legal company to not having experience.  You get to decide.

Quality Customer Service

If you have a cleaning service for any length of time, there will be issues that will crop up. Some of them will be very minor. Maybe they leave the toilet seat up when finished and you like it closed. Some of them will be larger. Maybe it looks like someone was in your drawers – nothing’s missing, but… Excellent customer service means that each one of these issues will be treated the same. Respectfully, thoroughly, and to completion. Look at responses to negative ratings for an indication of the company’s stance on customer service.

Trustworthy Company

It’s hard to know if a company is trustworthy. Who do they hire? Who manages the people who will actually be in your home - or are they managed at all? Check to see how transparent the company is about things that have gone wrong in the past and how they fixed those issues. The most trustworthy companies will have no problem talking about their strengths AND weaknesses.

Length of Time in Business

Cleaning companies come and go almost as fast as the rain. If you don’t want to be going through this process all over again in a few months or even years, this is a good bit of information to find out. Check the web site. They don’t have one? Question answered.

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Author: Liz Trotter
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