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ZenMaid Software

The Easiest-to-Use Scheduling Software for Maid Services

Reduce your workload.
Save time.
Enjoy your business. 
All in less than 7 days. Guaranteed.

ZenMaid immediately impacts your day-to-day life by replacing tools like Google Calendar or Excel, pen & paper, and even other softwares:

  • Spend more time with friends and family! Spend less time sending work orders and managing your business.
  • Earn enough extra for that vacation you’ve been dreaming of!
  • Make more money by increasing your returning customers.
  • Provide better service to the customers you love! Improve your customers' experiences with a better feedback loop they’ll LOVE.
  • Remove Yourself from the Business. You shouldn’t do everything in your business. We’re here to help.

Learn How Zenmaid:

  • Reduces headaches
  • Prevents mistakes
  • Preserves your precious time every single day

"ZenMaid has removed hours from our workload and made managing our company so much easier… Plus it’s helped double our cleanings in just the last 3 months! "
     - Roman Peysakhovich
     Owner, Polina's Cleaning Service


"I have had the pleasure of using Zenmaid, and it has relieved so much stress & headache. Amar & his staff are incredibly knowledgable & easy to get ahold of. I highly recommend using this product no matter the size of your cleaning business."
     - Amanda Bartlett
      Owner, Essence Home Cleaning, LLC

Number 1 Rated Software on Capterra!

Designed by maid service owners for maid service owners …

What You Do...

Schedule your customer’s appointment on ZenMaid

What Zenmaid Does...

  • Sends work orders to your cleaners
  • Sends reminders to your customers
  • Follows up after appointments for feedback and referrals
  • Handles your payroll in just a few, easy clicks
Take back the hours in your day to spend more time with family!

View a demo! Website:
Author: Amar Ghose

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