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Attract. Manage. Retain. Swept Helps Cleaning Companies Succeed By Getting The Best From Their Cleaners.

Phone: 1-855-275-1173

Swept is cloud-based and mobile software designed specifically for the commercial cleaning industry. We believe that the key to running a successful Janitorial business is critically linked to great communication with your cleaners.

Swept is designed to attract, manage and retain your cleaners in a way that makes them feel supported and your management team aware of all the moving parts of your business.

Our easy to use app provides all managers with important location information about the spaces you clean. Client contact, security info, Swept will even tell you who’s currently onsite. No more wondering if your cleaners showed up.

Location Messages allow your team to communicate in real time. They attach pictures, post messages, and even mark selected posts as urgent. Don’t worry if your cleaner’s don’t speak English, Swept translates over 100 languages. Your team will communicate in a way that they never thought possible.

With Swept, managers will also know when cleaners are late while they still have time to react. When a cleaner’s running late, you’ll be instantly notified to you can check in and make sure everything is okay.

Collecting supply requests via text, email, and phone calls is a thing of the past. With Swept cleaners requests are organized in one spot so you always know what’s needed where.

Need to stay connected with Clients? Swept will make your team look better than ever. Swept allows you to invite any of your clients to communicate in the same app. As they post messages, all managers on your team will be instantly notified in Swept.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us on our website chat or schedule a demo to see if Swept is right for you and your team.

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