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Advanced Vapor Technologies

Reaching Beyond What You See for a Healthier Environment

Ladybug dry steam vapor systems are distributed by Advanced Vapor Technologies.  Advanced Vapor Technologies is located at 5901 23rd Drive West Suite 103 in Everett, WA 98203.  Their contact number is 1-800-997-6584.

Ladybug steam vapor systems take advantage of a patented TANCS® device that is installed between the cold-water reservoir and the boiler.  This patented TANCS® device speeds up the microbial kill rate while increasing the effectiveness of the steam vapor to kill more resistant microbes.

The Ladybug reduces the need for cleaning chemicals and simplifies the cleaning process.  Steam vapor cleaning eliminates harmful chemical residues and the off-gassing of these residues into the environment.  Steam vapor reaches into areas chemical cleaners are unable to reach.  Dwell times are greatly reduced.

After the initial purchase of the equipment, which is non-consumptive, the need for a chemical cleaner is nearly eliminated.  Worker’s illness due to exposure to chemical cleaners is greatly reduced.

After restorative maintenance is achieved, cleaning times can be greatly reduced. 

Testing has proven the effectiveness of steam vapor with TANCS®, both in reducing dwell times and in the removal of microbes from surfaces, especially vertical surfaces where proper dwell times for chemical cleaners is nearly impossible.

Yes, steam vapor represents a new trend in home and commercial cleaning.  It represents a much greater reduction of infectious disease, reduced costs, and the greenest possible way of reaching this desired goal. 

Advanced Vapor Technologies
5901 23rd Drive West Suite 103, Everett, WA 98203
Local: (425) 775-9000, Toll-Free: 1-800-997-6584 

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